How do I earn money?

Members of Hibiscus Stables racehorse partnerships can earn money two ways. First, the partnership earns a percentage of the purse when the horses finish in one of the top five in a race. Listed below is an estimated breakdown of the purse money for a $50,000 race. Second, the partnership may make additional money if the horse is claimed or sold privately.

Purse Breakdown $ 50,000
1st Place (60%) $ 30,000
2nd Place (20%) $ 10,000
3rd Place (10%) $ 5,000
4th Place (5%) $ 2,500
5th Place (3%) $ 1,500
Others (2%) $ 1,000
Race Financial Distribution
Jockey Fee (10%)
Trainer Fee (10%)
Management Fee (10%)
Barn Stake Fee (3%)
Partnership (67%)

If the horse goes on to become a stallion or broodmare will I participate in the breeding ownership?

Yes. Absolutely. If you’re a share owner of the horse you will remain a share owner throughout including a breeding career, if any.

When will the horses run?

If all goes well with no interruptions the horse might see its first race over the summer of its 2-year-old year. In some cases it may take longer to bring the horse along. We can't guarantee how quickly a horse will be ready to race. Our plan is to select horses and a training approach geared toward quick results. We understand that the sooner a horse gets to the races the sooner it has an opportunity to produce earnings.

At which tracks do the horses normally race?

Our stable is based in New York and California. Our horses will primarily run on the New York and Southern Califoania circuits. If we have potential investors who are located in other areas of the country we will assemble a partnership and acquire horses to run on their local circuit. We have relationships with trainers at many major tracks and running horses outside New York and/or California is not an issue.

How will I know when my horses are running?

Hibiscus Stables prides itself on our communication with our partners. Our website is updated daily whenever there is something pertinent to report. You will also receive e-mail notices for every horse's activity. You're a partner and keeping you in the loop is a primary responsibility.

What if I want to bring a group of people to the track with me?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we encourage it. The Hibiscus philosophy is “the more the merrier.” Everyone is welcome at the Hibiscus table in the clubhouse. Just make sure you have a comb in case you get your picture taken!

Who is responsible for making racing decisions?

Typically our trainers will make racing decisions. Our trainers are experts at their job and have the best knowledge regarding when and where to run their horses. Of course, the Hibiscus managing partners will have constant contact with the trainers and have input in all racing decisions.

Once I become a partner, what will be my level of involvement?

You will be treated like a partner and will be given the opportunity to take stable tours, speak with the trainers and jockeys, etc. You will be welcome at the Hibiscus table in the clubhouse and will have full access to the paddock before any race. Of course, you'll also have full access to the winner's circle should your horse win and you'll be part of the win photo.

How often will I have to pay expenses?

Training and other expenses will be billed in advance quarterly. The ultimate goal in any partnership is that the horse, once it arrives at the track, will eventually pay for itself. Any purse earnings will be used to offset future expenses. In the event that purse earnings exceed expected next quarter expenses, a distribution will be sent to the partners.

If the horse's earnings are greater than its costs, when are the earnings distributed?

See above.

Are there costs related to each race?

Most races are free to enter. There is a jockey fee which can vary from track to track and a pony to post $25. Stakes races sometimes have an entry fee.

What kind of financial and tax information will I receive?

You'll receive quarterly financial reports and an invoice if retained purse money is not expected to cover the next quarter's expenses. Before March 15 of any calendar year you will receive a K-1 statement for your tax return.

How do I join the Hibiscus Stables team?

Go to "Contact Us" on the website and e-mail or call us. We will review any questions and discuss the process with you. We're happy to have you aboard as part of the team.